Progress Impex Ltd

 In 2010, with the collaboration of partners, Progress Impex Ltd (PIL) started its operation. Our goal was to provide for the nation by not only offering innovative products but also ensuring that these products are accessible to the average or low-income earners within .

The key to remember is that all our sister concern projects are co-related with each other. For example, Progress Impex Ltd (PIL) imports all logistics requirements for Progress Construction Ltd (PCL) and also for other sister concerns. At our company, we supply vehicles and speed boat leasing services to our foreign clients. Besides this, we also provide the latest security equipment imported from foreign countries depending on their requirements to look after their security.

Company In Brief-

The PIL has always envisioned expanding and modifying its business operations in an innovative way, driven by this inspiration. PIL’s motivation has prompted the creation of several individual businesses performing differently since its inception. In order to expand to ever more sophisticated products within PIL’s lineup, PIL has started importing different items of construction equipment, interior decoration items, parts of motor vehicles, electronic gadgets, and many more.

If we can sustain our collaborative and innovative effort, we hope that our import & export business groups will soon establish themselves as one of the finest performers in Bangladesh. We believe that PIL has much to offer not only in the Bangladesh Import & Export Sector but also to the world beyond, in an innovative way. At PIL, we are always committed to delivering our beloved country as well as foreign business partners along with remarkable services, as we have done in the past.

Vision of PIL-

Our aspect of the business is that it can improve the material and social welfare of the investors, employees
as well as a larger society, ultimately contributing to the advancement of wealth through financials and moral
gains as a part of the process of human civilization in a distinct way.
At our company, we always give priority to our joint partners and provide them complete support so that they
don’t need to look for others assistance elsewhere.

a) Supplying of Military Hardware and Equipment to Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air force through DGDP.
b) Coordinating the Training activities on the supplied Equipment.
c) Providing the Local support for maintenance and repair, when asked for.
d) Providing information regarding any developments/up-gradation and new invention of military
hardware and equipment to the Armed force.
e) Supplying of Spare parts to the Armed Force of Bangladesh.
f) Supplying of Integrated Communication Systems.

g) Supplying of Marine engine and Generators.


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