To carry out the massive commercial, state sector as well as project management works along with a group of highly professional B.SC Engineers, Arch Engineers, young experienced Diploma Engineers and skilled technical hands, PDDL was established. PDDL’s foundation lies in its principles, developing the ethics and the culture we maintain. We always prioritize clear and righteous behavior, care, coordination, partnership, commitment in all our business. We always accept innovation to generate extensive outcome so that our respected customers receive an extensive engineering solution. PDDL is devoted to empowering employees, boosting up customer’s satisfaction. PDDL always cherish to grow its business by the help of employee’s prosperity and customer’s satisfaction.


 Our goals are to upgrade managerial skills and enhance knowledge application, achieve financial growth, be in the vanguard in service delivery, be the leading industry through financially as well as delivering best service. We abide by attentively with administrative rules and conditions fixed by the authorities in Bangladesh.

Company’s Vision & Mission-

 In Bangladesh market, our vision is to become the best company and want to be most powerful player in this competitive world. We try to make sure that our respective client gets 100 % satisfaction from our service and sophistication. Our mission is to get success with value, standard and efficient time. We maintain all services in a way so that client gets complete satisfaction by taking our service. We make sure that everything is done under perfect supervision.

Our Services-

 Multiple services are available here. We provide various services such as: workspace transformation, apartment project, hotel and restaurant project, resorts, holiday villages, trading establishments, showroom, shopping mall design, furniture design, indoor/outdoor outlook. Here is the list of our respected clients-
United Commercial bank
Standard Bank Ltd.
Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited.
Le-meridian Metro Group.

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