Progress Construction Limited (PCL) is a section of Progress Group that was established in 2008. This company has firmly established itself as a trusted name in the construction industry by successfully completing many civil engineering projects for Government, semi-Government, autonomous as well as private organizations. For us, client satisfaction is the top priority and our technique has generated positive opinions from all parties involved.

The inception of PCL

Under the Roads and Highways (R&H) Department, the company has accomplished so many significant road construction projects. The projects included several outstanding works. For example, an embankment, a pavement along with a drainage layout, and lastly a long bridge over a river. Foreign and local consultants were in charge of controlling both the funding agency as well as the project work. Some of the major projects in road and long bridges were executed in Joint Venture (JV) with Foreign Construction companies, due to that PCL acquired the ability to handle and run complex projects efficiently.

Now,  owns a group of highly experienced Contract Management professionals along with evince records of managing complicated civil engineering projects independently. Additionally, PCL contains highly skilled construction engineers, technicians, foremen, and proficient workers of different trades both locally as well as globally. Currently, PCL arranged a section given over to the construction of apartment buildings considering as a developer. Successfully many projects have been done by this division. Therefore, they earned a reliable reputation just by delivering top-notch services along with a cost-effective budget.

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