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Progress Group is a high-powered company that has flourished and succeeded over the years. It brings forth extensive services as well as solutions to satisfy each and every requirement of its clients. Progress Group sailed on its journey in the year 2009. Our supreme priority is to deliver clean perfection on every task. For us, Challenges, innovation, and perfection have been very important since we manage in an environment that persistently evolves and changes for betterment.

Progress Group has achieved the highest reputation and is highly recognized in the construction sector, automobile industry, import & export field, and many other similar sectors. They are much well known in
these sectors.


 Proudly partnering with the Army, Navy, and security-focused entities, we contribute expertise to safeguard our nation’s security and progress.

Focus Integrity

 We are committed to conducting business with utmost dedication, consistently achieving exceptional outcomes, and upholding the highest ethical standards.


Unwavering dedication to sustainability, responsible resource management, and community engagement drives Progress Group’s positive impact and innovative solutions for
balanced growth.


 Collaborative teamwork fuels our success, fostering innovation, synergy, and a shared commitment to achieving remarkable results.


Unwavering dedication to excellence fuels Progress Group’s outstanding outcomes and unparalleled value for clients.


Progress Group cultivates an innovative culture, delivering groundbreaking solutions through creative thinking, cutting-edge technologies, and collaborative


Building trust and acceptance through unwavering commitment, high-quality
services, and exceptional results at Progress Group.


we have achieved remarkable success in executing numerous river dredging projects in collaboration with renowned international firms.

Our Mission. Our Vision.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

 Progress Group’s corporate mission is “for the progress of the nation”. Our main motto is to acquire the highest level of competence through continuous development of the nation, and professional management and to generate employment and earn dignity & self-respect for our compatriots through profitable entries. Progress Group is always dedicated to delivering error-free quality services and products to its respected consumers as per international standards and best suited to the local environment at a cost-effective budget.

Progress groups constantly refine as well as innovate their services to reach their requirement. Progress Group’s vision is to be among the top providers of unique and feasible elucidations for its customers in the market. Progress group has contributed a lot to the success of the nation.

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